Chemical Reaction Engineering (CBE 40445)

Lecture Materials

Lecture 1: Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering

Reading: Fogler Preface
Petrochemical reactors
Automotive reactors

Lecture 2: Chemical Reactions, Rates, Mole Balance, and Batch Reactors

Reading: Fogler Chapter 1.1-1.3, 2.1-2.2.1
Suggested problems: P1-4, P1-12
Lecture 2 m-file

Lecture 3: Flow Reactors

Reading: Fogler Chapter 1.4, 2.2 - 2.3, 2.5
Suggested problems: P1-3, P1-5, P1-6, P1-9, P1-11, P2-4
Design equation summary
Lecture 3 m-file

Lecture 4: Reactor Sizing and Reactors in Series

Reading: Fogler Chapter 2.3-2.4
Suggested problems: P2-3, P2-6, P2-8, P2-9, P2-12
Lecture 4 m-file

Lecture 5: Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry

Reading: Fogler Chapter 3.2-3.4
Suggested problems: P3-7, P3-8, P3-9, P3-11, P3-12, P3-13
Stoichiometry summary
Lecture 5 m-file

Lecture 6: Chemical Reaction Equilibria

Reading: Fogler Appendix C, Example 3.8 - Example 3.10
Suggested problems: P3-14, P3-17, P3-21, P3-22
Lecture 6 m-file

Lecture 7: Essential Chemical Kinetics

Reading: Fogler Chapter 3.1, Appendix G
Suggested problems: P3-3, P3-4, P3-5

Exam 1: Covering Lectures 1-7, September 23, 2005

Lecture 8: Isothermal Reactor Design-CSTRs

Reading: Fogler Chapter 4.1-4.2; 4.6-4.7
Suggested problems: P4-5, P4-6, P4-7, P4-8
Lecture 8 m-file
CSTR start-up m-file

Lecture 9: Isothermal Reactor Design-Batch and Tubular Reactors

Reading: Fogler Chapter 4.2-4.6
Suggested problems: P4-10, P4-11, P4-12, P4-13, P4-15, P4-18, P4-22
Lecture 9 m-file

Lecture 10: Multiple Reaction Networks

Reading: Fogler Chapter 6.1-6.6
Suggested problems: P6-5, P6-6, P6-7, P6-9, P6-10, P6-11, P6-12, P6-13, P6-14
Lecture 10 m-file

Lecture 11: Simplifying Reaction Networks

Reading: Fogler Chapter 7.1-7.2
Suggested problems: P7-3, P7-4, P7-5
Lecture 11 m-file

Lecture 12: Analyzing Rate Date

Reading: Fogler Chapter 5.1-5.7
Suggested problems: P5-3, P5-4, P5-7, P5-9
Lecture 12 m-file

Exam 2: Covering Lecture 8-12, November 2, 2005


Lecture 13: Non-isothermal Reactors

Reading: Fogler Chapter 8.1-8.4
Suggested problems: P8-5, P8-6, P8-8, P8-9
Lecture 13 m-file

Lecture 14: Multiple Steady States in Non-isothermal CSTRs

Reading: Fogler Chapter 8.6
Suggested problems: P8-20, P8-22
Lecture 14 m-file

Lecture 15: Catalysis

Reading: Fogler Chapter 10.1-10.5
Suggested problems: P10-3, P10-4, P10-5, P10-6, P10-7, P10-8, P10-7
Lecture 15 ppt file
Lecture 15 m-file

Lecture 16: Mass Transport and Catalysis

Reading: Fogler Chapter 12.1-12.4, 11.1-11.3
Lecture 16 m-file

Final Exam: Comprehensive, but emphasizing Lectures 13-16, December 16, 2005, 8 am