Schneider Group Recent News

1-January-14: JPC Editorship.

Prof. Schneider has joined the Journal of Physical Chemistry as a Senior Editor.

5-December-13: New group members.

We welcome new graduate students Anshumaan Bajpai, Hui Li, and Solomon Assefa to the group.

1-June-13: Summer undergraduates.

Happy to have Kate Bowie and Sam Mingos (Notre Dame Chegs) and He Nan (iSURE visitor from China) with us for the summer.

1-April-13: Fellowship for Laura.

Congratulations to Laura Herder on winning an Eilers Fellowship from the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame. She will be using the fellowship to model methane oxidation on Pt surfaces.

16-Apr-13: CRC Award for Jason

Jason is the third group alumnus to win the prestigious CRC Award for Computational Sciences and Visualization. The award recognizes Jason's outstanding contributions to the development of theory, models, and software for describing coverage-dependent kinetics at metal surfaces.

15-Apr-13: Two new Ph.D.s

Congratulations to Jason Bray and Dorrell McCalman on successfully defending their Ph.D. dissertations this month, on NO oxidation and nitrate reduction kinetics and mechanism, respectively. Jason is off to Phillips 66 and Dorrell will be staying as a post-doc on a new project.

15-Feb-13: Candidacy successes

Congratulations to Mike Penninger and Atun Anggara, both of whom successfully completed their candidacy exams within the last couple of weeks. Good jobs, guys!

1-Feb-13: New post-doc arrives.

Welcome to Dr. Kurt Frey, our newest group member. Kurt comes to us from Argonne National Lab and will be working on the development of cluster-expansion-based kinetic models.

1-December-2012: New members join group.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Houyu Zhu as a new post-doc in the research group, as well as first year graduate students Steve McDonough, Quintin Sheridan (both from Chemical Engineering) and Yuanxing Wang (Chemistry).

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